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SGMADA: 2023 Industry-Leading Gear Motor Manufacturer


At SGMADA, we specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality and efficient gear motors that provide unparalleled performance. As an industry-leading gear motor manufacturer in 2023, we focus on delivering excellent products and innovative solutions to help our customers succeed in their respective industries.

Understanding the Essence of Gear Motors

A gear motor is a combination of an electric motor and a gearbox or transmission, both integrated into a simple and compact package. This combination makes a gear motor the ideal solution for high-torque, low-speed applications where a direct drive motor would be too bulky or would not provide enough torque.

One of the key features of our gear motors is the high torque output. The “gear” part of the gear motor is designed to reduce speed while increasing torque. This means that our gear motors can deliver high levels of torque at lower speeds, making them an efficient solution for various applications, from small appliances to industrial machinery.

The Versatile DC Geared Motor

Our DC geared motors are designed for applications requiring a broad range of speeds and torque. These motors, when combined with a gearbox, offer several advantages such as compact size, low noise levels, and excellent torque-to-weight ratios.

One of the best examples of our DC geared motor range is the AF-38 DC gear motor. With its high-efficiency design and robust construction, it is perfect for applications that demand a compact, reliable, and efficient solution.

Power and Precision with Planetary Geared Motors

Planetary geared motors, or planetary gear motors, are known for their exceptional power density, compactness, and high efficiency. They are characterized by their unique design, which involves an outer ‘ring’ gear and several ‘planet’ gears rotating around the ‘sun’ gear at the center.

Our planetary gear motors come in different series, including the PG-56, PG-42, PG-36, and others. These gear motors provide high torque and are ideal for applications requiring precision and power, such as automation systems and robotics.

High-Performance Outrunner Brushless Geared Motors

Outrunner brushless geared motors are yet another flagship offering at SGMADA. These motors are known for their superior efficiency, torque, and power. The ‘outrunner’ design refers to the positioning of the magnets on the rotor, which “runs” on the outside of the motor. This design allows for a larger number of magnets and greater torque production.

Efficient and Robust Worm Geared Motors

Our worm geared motors offer a unique solution for applications where high torque and low speed are required. A worm gear system consists of a worm (a gear in the form of a screw) meshed with a worm gear (similar to a spur gear). The system offers high gear ratios, quiet operation

A Focus on Quality Management

At SGMADA, we put a high emphasis on quality management to ensure that our products meet or exceed the high standards that we and our customers expect. We achieve this by implementing rigorous quality assurance procedures throughout our manufacturing process.

Our quality management system involves regular testing of our products for efficiency, performance, durability, and other critical aspects. We take pride in maintaining strict quality control measures, providing our clients with reliable, high-performing gear motors that they can trust.

Quality Management: Foundation of Excellence

At the heart of SGMADA’s operations is our comprehensive quality management system. It spans across every aspect of our business – from product development to manufacturing and delivery. This rigorous system ensures we adhere to international standards, offering products that meet or surpass our clients’ expectations.

Our quality management procedures start with a meticulous examination of materials and components during procurement. We source high-quality components from reliable suppliers to guarantee the robustness of our gear motors. Every step is scrutinized, including the handling and storage of materials to ensure optimal conditions and prevent degradation.

In the production phase, we use advanced technologies and follow stringent processes to maintain high standards. Regular inspections and tests are conducted to check for any deviations in the specifications. Our skilled engineers closely monitor all stages of the manufacturing process to maintain consistency and precision.

Factory inspection is another crucial aspect of our quality management system. It involves thorough checks and balances to verify product conformity and performance before shipping. This ensures that our gear motors deliver reliable, consistent, and high-performing operation throughout their lifespan.

Core Values at SGMADA

At SGMADA, our core values are centered on creating value – for our customers, our suppliers, and our employees.

For our customers, we provide value by delivering premium quality gear motors that enhance their applications’ efficiency and reliability. We strive to understand our customers’ unique needs and work diligently to meet these requirements, providing them with tailored solutions that offer the best performance and longevity.

For our suppliers, we believe in fostering strong and mutually beneficial relationships. We work with them to ensure they meet our quality expectations, helping them improve their processes and products along the way. By doing so, we enhance their value proposition, strengthening their position in the market.

For our employees, we create value by offering a supportive and stimulating work environment. We invest in their professional development and provide them with opportunities to grow, learn and innovate. We acknowledge their contributions to our success and encourage them to take part in our mission of delivering superior quality gear motors to our customers worldwide.

Innovative Solutions Across Industries

SGMADA caters to various markets, including the smart home, robotic system, medical equipment, energy industry, and auto transmission sectors.

Our gear motors are designed to provide efficient, reliable, and sustainable solutions, meeting the specific requirements of each industry. By understanding the unique challenges of each market, we ensure our products deliver exceptional performance and value.

Commitment to Continuous Learning and Development

Our commitment to continuous learning and sharing knowledge is evident in our knowledge-tech section. Here, you will find resources such as technical shares, FAQs, motor catalogs, and exhibition news. These resources offer insights into our products, the latest industry trends, and the technological advancements that are shaping the future of gear motors.

We also share insightful articles about gearbox knowledge and motor design, providing a deep dive into the technical aspects of our work.

Custom Solutions for Unique Requirements

At SGMADA, we understand that every application is unique, and so are the requirements. That’s why we provide customized design solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Whether it’s a modification of an existing model or a completely new design, our team of experienced engineers is ready to help.

From the initial consultation through to the final product delivery, we work closely with our customers to ensure their specific needs are met and expectations exceeded. We aim to create gear motors that are not just fit for purpose but are efficient, reliable, and long-lasting.

By focusing on customization, we can cater to a wider range of applications, thus meeting diverse customer needs and helping them achieve their project goals.


As an industry-leading gear motor manufacturer in 2023, SGMADA remains committed to delivering superior quality products. With our diverse product range, strict quality control, industry-specific solutions, and customer-focused approach, we are well-positioned to serve our customers’ evolving needs. For more information about our products and services, please feel free to contact us.

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