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Quality Management

Ningbo Shengguang Motor is the best dc motor/gearbox factory in China.  We provide best quality products and service for our customers. Since its establishment in 2001, SHENGGUANG motor has been committed to the two-way control of quality and cost with the attitude of excellence.Excellent product quality is inseparable from the support of all employees. Here we would like to thank all the employees of Shengguang Motor for their efforts and persistence over the past 20 years.

We promise:

  • Product quality is always the first indicator of production
  • Protect the physical and mental health of employees and strictly abide by labor laws.
  • Fully use environmentally friendly production methods, including the selection of raw materials and the management of production and processing. SHENGGUANG Motor provides a healthy and environmentally friendly production environment.
  • We provide perfect after-sales service

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