dc gear motor in China


ShengGuang Motor focus on designing best mirco driving solutions for global smart and driven markets. SG motion creates high-quality “made in China” for our customers. ShengGuang motors focus on the design and manufacture of precision transmission equipment, providing high-quality micro motors for the global market in different fields.

sgmada dc gear motors testing for higher efficiency

Medical Equipments

The micro-drive field is closely linked with precision medical instruments. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, SG motor has deepened its cooperation with the medical industry. Our micro-motors are widely used in medical equipment including ventilators, capping machines, etc.

SG motor focuses on the R&D and design of motors for the energy and industrial markets. We cooperate and serve customers including solar trackers, HVAC valves, solenoid valves and other fields. For different customers, we provide customized solutions to meet customers’ different needs.

In the automotive field, the size and life of motors have extremely high requirements. SG motor has obtained TS16949 quality system certification and provides high-precision micro-drive solutions. We provide customers with armrest box drive solutions, electric tailgate solutions, and rearview mirror drives. solutions and more.

The competitive market of smart home is becoming increasingly fierce, and a cost-effective micro-drive solution can help you take the initiative in the competition. SG motor’s motors have low noise, stable quality and long life, and are widely used in smart home fields including lift tables and chairs, electric TV brackets, etc.

Advances in programming and machining have democratized the development of robotics. Micromotors are widely used as power sources in robotic systems.SG motor focuses on developing micro-drive solutions for different robot markets. Our micro-motors and gearboxes can provide customers with different options.

Power tools are an emerging market. The high efficiency of power tools is the main reason for occupying the market. SG motor designs and develops high-power gear motors for power tools to meet the characteristics of high torque and long life for customers. Our advantage lies in high Hardened gears with special housing design.