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Auto Transmission

Welcome to SG Motor - Your Trusted Partner in Auto Transmission Solutions!

At SG Motor, we understand the critical role of motors in the automotive industry, where size, efficiency, and durability are paramount. With our TS16949 quality system certification, we take pride in delivering high-precision micro-drive solutions that meet the rigorous demands of the automotive sector.

Our Expertise in Auto Transmission Solutions:

  1. Armrest Box Drives: The armrest box is an essential component of modern vehicles, providing storage and convenience to passengers. Our precision-engineered motors power armrest box drives, ensuring smooth and effortless operation, enhancing the overall comfort of passengers.
  2. Electric Tailgate Solutions: Electric tailgates have become a popular feature in modern vehicles, offering ease of access and enhanced safety. Our motors are tailor-made for electric tailgate systems, providing reliable and consistent performance, and making vehicle loading and unloading a breeze.
  3. Rearview Mirror Drives: Rearview mirrors are vital for driver visibility and safety. Our motor solutions for rearview mirror drives ensure precise adjustments and stable positioning, allowing drivers to maintain optimal visibility on the road.

Customized Solutions for Automotive Applications:

We recognize that each automotive application has its unique requirements. At SG Motor, we specialize in providing customized motor solutions that cater to the specific needs of our esteemed automotive clients. Our team of skilled engineers collaborates closely with customers to understand their challenges and develop motor solutions that enhance efficiency and performance.

Uncompromising Quality and Performance:

In the automotive industry, reliability is non-negotiable. At SG Motor, we adhere to stringent quality control measures to deliver motors of unmatched quality and performance. Our motors are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of the automotive environment, ensuring long-lasting and trouble-free operation.

Partnership and Support:

At SG Motor, we believe in building lasting partnerships with our automotive clients. We go the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service, technical expertise, and comprehensive support throughout the project lifecycle. Our commitment to our clients’ success drives us to deliver unparalleled service at every step.

Pioneering the Future of Auto Transmission:

As the automotive industry evolves, SG Motor remains at the forefront of driving innovation and sustainable solutions. We are committed to advancing motor technology to support the automotive industry’s quest for greener, more efficient, and intelligent vehicles.

Join hands with SG Motor and experience the power of precision motor solutions in the automotive world. Contact us today to explore how our custom-designed motor solutions can elevate your auto transmission applications and drive your success!


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